Gullwing window full aluminium version

When it comes to accessing your Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series' cargo space, our full aluminium gullwing window by Explore Glazing makes things straightforward. Built to last and easy to operate, it's a practical choice for any journey.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 812mm
Height: 452mm

Suitable for
  • Toyota - Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series
Other information

Article number: EXA-TOY-80

oyota Land Cruiser 80 with a distinct gullwing window, blending function and style
Inner rim of a gullwing window on a Toyota Land Cruiser 80

Gullwing window full aluminium version

Explore Glazing's full aluminium gullwing window is a no-nonsense solution for those using their Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series for work, play, or anything in between.

Unique Features:

  • Innovative Clamp System: Our windows are installed using an advanced clamp system. The inner rim of this system perfectly matches the dimensions and shape of the window, ensuring a snug fit. This design allows the window to be clamped directly to the vehicle's body, eliminating the need for adhesive bonding or drilling holes into the car's frame.
  • Seamless Interior Finishing: The inner rim also provides a seamless finish to the vehicle's interior, ensuring that style is not compromised for functionality.
  • Respect for Authenticity: We recognize that the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, no longer in production, has evolved into a prized collector's item. Many of these vehicles are meticulously maintained and fully restored. It's our philosophy to respect this heritage. Our design ensures that your vehicle can always be returned to its original state, free from irreversible modifications or drilled holes.
  • Quick Installation: One of the highlights of our window system is the ease and speed of installation. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that little to no tools are required.
  • Optional Sealing: If you desire an added layer of protection, our windows can be sealed with a professional silicone caulking compound. It's essential that this compound remains flexible, and that's why we recommend and provide Dow 791 Silicone Weatherproofing as a standard option.

Designed specifically for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series, our gullwing window matches the original side windows for a perfect fit.

It's constructed from a solid aluminium plate, enhanced by two gas springs for effortless use. Security is paramount with two lockable compression latches ensuring a tight seal.

The entire window - the frame and the flap part - is finished with a black, high-quality industrial powder coating (RAL 9005), making it resistant to discoloration due to weather influences.

We prioritize convenience; hence, the window comes pre-assembled for an easy installation.

Choose between left or right side fittings, but remember, they're model-specific and not interchangeable.

For added versatility, it's also compatible with the Explore Overlander Light. Trust in Explore Glazing for a superior cargo access solution.



  • Utilizes a clamping system.
  • Fits the window's size and shape perfectly.

Interior Finish

  • The inner rim integrates with the interior lining.
  • Ensures a polished and elegant look.

General Info

  • Matches original window dimensions.
  • No bodywork adjustments needed.
  • Original window replacement remains simple.
  • Quick and easy assembly.

A mounting set will be offered with your request and consists of:

  • machine tap 4 mm
  • cartridge of professional caulking compound - Dowsil 791 Silicone Weatherproofing
  • brush
  • rubber to remove the excess sealant

Before beginning installation, carefully review the instructions, as any claims due to improper installation will not be accepted afterward.

It is important that the Explore Glazing products are assembled correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products assembled by a professional company.

Visit our Youtube channel for installation videos or download our installation guide.


Gullwing window full aluminium version

Price €495,-

On which side of the car is the placement?

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