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Do you know the feeling? Sometimes you get the feeling that your idea doesn't stay with an idea?

Explore Glazing is such an idea!

Since his early childhood, Eduard, owner of Explore Glazing, has had a great passion for cars. As a little boy he was glued to the TV watching Daktari (with Judy and Clarence) and his love for Land Rover was born.

It was therefore no suprise, that since he could afford a Land Rover Defender, he hasn't driven anything else.

Maintenance and repairs became a leisure activity and there is no part of the Defender that has not passed through his hands.

Until the summer of 2015, during the summer holidays, in the garden ...

As any Defender owner will be able to confirm: the original windows leak, rattle and do not or hardly open. Once open, they don't want to close again.

While attempting to repair the window, Anja, his wife, who also works in the company, asked, "Why don't you make your own windows?"

Since 2003, they have been developing, producing and selling glazing products for professional coachbuilding.

Well, making a new window for a Land Rover Defender can't be that difficult, can it?

Eduard left for the workshop and after half an hour he returned with the first rough window profile.

The question was inevitable and was asked: 'If I have these problems, surely the rest of the world does too?!'

Explore Glazing was born …

Your Explore Glazing family
Eduard, José & Anja


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