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General Product Information

We have 250 key numbers available, which we use in sets of 50 to avoid excessive duplication of the same key numbers.

If you order multiple gullwing windows in a single purchase, we'll ensure that you receive matching keys for all your gullwing windows. However, if you later decide to order an additional gullwing window, you will need to order new locks if you wish to have a single key that operates all your windows.

No, our window guards and Explore Overlander are specifically designed for use with our gullwing windows. They are not compatible with windows from other brands.

No, sliding windows for the left and right sides of the car are not interchangeable to prevent leakage. Therefore, it is crucial that you specify clearly during the ordering process whether you intend to purchase the sliding window for the left side (LHS) or the right side (RHS).

No, our gull wing windows can only be operated from the outside. 

Certainly! You can find the key number on the compression latch's closing mechanism. We are able to supply replacement keys. For a new key, please use the contact page to send us an email.

Regrettably, we are unable to provide our products in an alternative RAL colour.

There are various options for glass tinting available, depending on the car brand. We offer dark grey tinted glass (LT20%) for all car brands, and for specific models like the Suzuki Jimny GJ and Land Rover Defender, we also provide light green tint (LT57%). Clear glass is not offered as a choice for tinting.


In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, you should contact the respective government agencies (such as the DMV in the US, the DVLA in the UK, and the relevant authority like RMS in New South Wales or TMR in Queensland in Australia) for vehicle modifications that affect vehicle registration, safety, or other aspects. These modifications may include:

  1. Changes in the vehicle category: For example, converting a passenger car into a camper.

  2. Alterations in vehicle dimensions or weight: Adjustments causing significant changes in the vehicle's size or weight.

  3. Modifications affecting vehicle safety: Such as major structural changes or adjustments to safety features.

  4. Modifications affecting emissions: If the changes you make lead to alterations in the vehicle's emissions.

It's important to note that these regulations generally do not apply to our products, as they do not directly impact the mentioned aspects. The exact procedures and requirements vary from country to country and even from state to state in some cases. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the relevant government agency in your specific region for accurate information regarding vehicle modifications and approvals.

At Explore Glazing, we focus on designing, producing, and selling windows and accessories. We don't offer installation services, but we provide installation instructions with our products. If you prefer professional installation, we've listed trusted partners to contact on our installation service page. Please note that we can't guarantee their work or service quality.

Absolutely, we've got you covered. All our products come with comprehensive installation guides. You'll receive these guides by email upon shipment, and they're also available on our website under "Prices and guides" for each product. Additionally, we've created a series of helpful installation videos on our YouTube channel, making it easier for you to handle the installation, even if you're not particularly skilled in this area.

You will receive a fully preassembled window (including frame and glass), so you only need to install the window in your vehicle. Mounting materials are not included in the price but will be automatically offered when you request a quote. It's also important to note that the tools to remove your current windows are not available through us.

Ordering Process

  • Submit an Offer Request: Start by filling out an offer request on our website.
  • Receive & Accept Quotation: We’ll send a quotation including shipping costs. If it meets your approval, send us your acceptance.
  • Order Confirmation: We’ll confirm your order and provide an expected shipping date.
  • Proforma Invoice & Payment: Once ready for shipment, we'll send a proforma invoice. After receiving your payment, we’ll dispatch your order immediately.

To ensure accuracy, we exclusively handle order requests via email. Placing an order over the phone is not preferred.

If you experience technical difficulties or require assistance while placing your offer request, please send an email to 

Payment Methods & Procedures

We accept payments exclusively via bank transfer. However, alternate payment platforms such as Wise (formerly TransferWise) and Revolut can be used to transfer funds to us using credit cards or PayPal accounts, even though we do not have accounts with these services. Please note that we do not accept direct payments through credit cards or PayPal.

Pricing & Sales Strategies

We've structured our pricing to be highly competitive because we sell directly to consumers without involving traders or a dealer network. Typically, manufacturers need to offer around a 30% discount in such setups. This means the savings are passed directly to you. We trust you'll appreciate that we cannot offer additional reductions on our items.

Don't hesitate to send us an email. We'll investigate the possibility of offering solutions for different car brands if there's enough demand. Please keep in mind that immediate availability may be limited due to high demand.

Shipping and Delivery

No, import duties and taxes are not included in the quotation. Our quotation does include export duties and shipping costs. Import duties and taxes are calculated and managed by your country's customs authorities. Unfortunately, we cannot provide estimates for these expenses. We recommend that you contact your customs authorities directly for information on these additional costs.

You will automatically receive a FedEx tracking number in a separate email as soon as your order is dispatched. This tracking number will enable you to track the whereabouts and status of your order throughout the shipping process.

The shipping costs are variable and depend on the number of packages and the delivery destination. We can provide an accurate quote once we have this information.

While we operate as a manufacturing company without a physical store for product viewing, we acknowledge that there may be occasions when you would prefer to collect your order in person. This is entirely possible once an appointment is scheduled. We will have your order prepared for collection at the agreed-upon date and time.

Our delivery terms and conditions are DAP (Delivered at Place), which means that we are responsible for delivering the goods to a specified place or location. Once the goods are delivered to the agreed-upon place, the risk and responsibility transfer to the customer.

We exclusively collaborate with FedEx.

We can essentially ship to any country and address. Please note that it must be a residential or business address, as delivery to P/O boxes is unfortunately not possible due to the size and weight of the packages. For more information regarding your specific situation, it's best to contact us directly.


What do others say about Explore Glazing

Lars Nyström Lars Nyström
11 months ago
Great product, super service and a smooth shipping! My LR Defender got a real facelift after a straight forward installation of new sliding windows + guards. I highly recommend Explore Glazing an their products!
Shane Doolin Shane Doolin
5 months ago
Quoted for 2 Defender 110 windows(a gull wing and half drop down), overland drop down guard, aircraft rails and table and security screen. Purchased all after quick customer support and answering of specific questions and now (with basic experience) have removed and fitted all the upgrades to my Defender. Highest of quality with ALL the necessary specialised tools included eg. high vibration silicone and even the tapping drill. I cant recommend them enough!
Luis Velando Luis Velando
3 months ago
I ordered 2 gullwindows. The first shipment one was broken. I contacted the company and the response was great, they send me a new one. I'm a happy customer. Great customer service.
Christian Fluri Christian Fluri
a year ago
Super products and always a very quick response. From the request to the product arrives at home in less than a week. Netherlands to switzerland. Perfect, and great service

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