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At Explore Glazing, we specialize in developing and manufacturing window solutions for 4x4 vehicles, such as the well-known gullwing windows or sliding windows. Our products are produced in-house, allowing us to deliver directly to you at very attractive prices.

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Found 7 product(s) for: Suzuki Jimny GJ
Gullwing window full aluminium version
For convenient and effortless access to the cargo area of your Suzuki Jimny GJ (HJ/GLX), Explore Glazing of...
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Gullwing window glass version
For quick and easy access to the cargo area of your Suzuki Jimny GJ (HJ/GLX), use the gullwing window from ...
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Add-on: gullwing storage box
The Explore Glazing storage box for the Suzuki Jimny is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Specifi...
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Add-on: window guard for the gullwing glass
For off-road adventures, you can enhance your gullwing window of your Suzuki Jimny GJ/HJ/GLX with a window ...
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Add-on: drop down table Explore Overlander Light
The Explore Overlander Light provides convenience during camping, requires no modifications to your vehicle...
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Sliding window
Do you need better ventilation for your passengers or pets? Then why not replace your original side window ...
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Add-on: window guard for a sliding window
The window guard on a sliding window for your Suzuki GJ, HJ, or GLX provides comprehensive protection again...
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