Sliding window - front side

Experience seamless convenience and effortless operation with the Explore Glazing sliding window designed specifically for the Toyota Troop Carrier. This high-quality accessory boasts a smooth sliding mechanism, enabling you to effortlessly open it and relish the invigorating outdoor breeze.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 841mm
Height: 422mm

Suitable for
  • Toyota - Toyota Land Cruiser Series 78 Troop Carrier
  • Toyota - Toyota Land Cruiser Series 75 Troop Carrier
Other information

Article number: SLI-FRONT-TOY-TROOP

Explore Glazing Toyota Land Cruiser Series 78 Troop Carrier sliding window front side
Explore Glazing Toyota Land Cruisers Series 78 Troop Carrier sliding windows front and rear side
Explore Glazing Toyota Troop Carrier sliding window front side with and gullwing window rear side

Sliding window - front side

Upgrade your Toyota Troop Carrier with the Explore Glazing sliding window, precisely tailored to match the original dimensions of your side window. Enjoy a straightforward installation process, allowing you to experience the benefits swiftly.

Our sliding windows feature a specially developed sliding system, preventing the buildup of dirt in the slide channel. With over 20 years of expertise in the coachbuilding industry, we guarantee a long-term, low-maintenance solution for your vehicle.

Equipped with a user-friendly lock mechanism, the Explore Glazing sliding window offers easy operation and adjustable positions. The glass edges are polished for optimal performance and safety.

Rest assured that our sliding windows meet rigorous safety standards, featuring 4 mm toughened safety glass certified by ECE R-43 and DOT, available in privacy grey, with a light transmission of 20% (tinted 80%).

It's important to note that due to the separate inner and outer bodywork being spot welded together, there may be variations in the window hole sizes, potentially affecting the window's fit. Therefore, precise alignment is crucial to ensure a proper installation. 

Available for both the left and right sides, keep in mind that the windows are not interchangeable.

The sliding windows can be expanded with a window guard or with the drop down table Explore Overlander Light.


  • The dimensions of the window fully correspond to the original window.
  • The flange of the body is slightly curved. For an optimal fit of the new Explore Glazing window, this flange must be made flat.
  • The inner and outer bodywork are two separate parts and are spot welded. This can cause differences in the hole size of the windows, which can influence the fit of the windows. You should therefore center the window as accurately as possible.  
  • Easy and quick to assemble.

The gullwing window is mounted with EPDM foam rubber, M4*20 stainless steel mounting screws and sealed with adhesive.

For an additional charge, the stainless steel mounting screws can be supplied black powder coated. This option is offered to you as standard.

A mounting set will be offered with your request and consists of:

  • drill 4.2 mm
  • cartridge of professional caulking compound
  • brush
  • rubber to remove the excess sealant

It is important that the Explore Glazing products are assembled correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products assembled by a professional company.

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Prices and guides

Price €185,-

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Sliding window - front side

Price €185,-

On which side of the car is the placement?

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