Add-on: window guard for the gullwing glass

For off-road adventures, you can enhance your gullwing window of your Suzuki Jimny GJ/HJ/GLX with a window guard, ensuring the protection of the glass.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 487mm
Height: 257mm

Suitable for
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny GJ
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny HJ
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny GLX 3 door
Other information

Article number: WGX-GJ

Explore Glazing Suzuki Jimny GJ/HJ/GLX gullwing window with a window guard
Explore Glazing Suzuki GJ/HJ/GLX gullwing window with an external window guard.

Add-on: window guard for the gullwing glass

Designed specifically for off-road enthusiasts, the window guard acts as a shield against potential hazards encountered during your adventures. It serves as a reliable barrier, preventing rocks, branches, and other debris from causing damage to the window. By installing a window guard, you can enjoy the thrill of the off-road experience without worrying about the integrity of your gullwing window.

The window guard is crafted with durability in mind, using high-quality materials that can withstand the demanding conditions of off-road terrains. It seamlessly integrates with the design of your gullwing window, maintaining its functionality while adding an extra layer of security.

Whether you're navigating through rugged trails or exploring untamed wilderness, the window guard ensures that your gullwing window remains intact. With this essential accessory, you can embrace the exhilaration of off-road adventures while keeping your glass protected.

So, gear up for your next off-road journey with your Suzuki Jimny and equip your gullwing window with a reliable window guard. Explore the great outdoors with peace of mind, knowing that your glass is safeguarded against the elements that come your way.

The window guard is made of a 3 mm aluminum plate and has the same industrial black powder coating as the Explore Glazing window. Colour RAL9005.


We will install the window guard on the glass for you when you place a simultaneous order for a gullwing.

Add-on: window guard for the gullwing glass

Price €70,-

On which side of the car is the placement?

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