Add-on: gullwing storage box

The Explore Glazing storage box for the Suzuki Jimny is a perfect blend of style and functionality. Specifically designed for the Jimny GJ and subsequent models, this box offers optimal space utilization and unique mounting options.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 530mm
Height: 300mm

Suitable for
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny GJ
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny HJ
  • Suzuki - Suzuki Jimny GLX 3 door
Other information

Article number: BOX-GJ

Grey Suzuki Jimny GJ with Explore Glazing gullwing window and storage box.
Inside view of Explore Glazing's black storage box with cut-out details in a Suzuki Jimny.
Gullwing window product with storage box for Suzuki Jimny GJ (JB74), HJ, GLX-3.

Add-on: gullwing storage box

The Explore Glazing gullwing storage box for the Suzuki Jimny GJ is crafted to seamlessly integrate with the Explore Glazing gullwing window, presenting a handy storage area accessible from the side of your Suzuki Jimny GJ.

This storage box affixes firmly to the aluminum window profile of the Explore Glazing gullwing window, negating the requirement for extra drilling into your vehicle's exterior.
Moreover, it boasts an adjustable depth feature, ranging from 140 to 240 mm, catering to varying storage needs without compromising on space.

Outfitted with several mounting points, the storage box boasts L-track cargo rails on the sides and rear and showcases a Molle-system pattern. This pattern encompasses Ø 4.2 mm holes suitable for fastening accessories like Quick Fist clamps. The Molle-System is applicable both internally and externally in the box, granting adaptability in arranging your belongings.

The Molle-system represents a flexible attachment method that uses interwoven straps to securely anchor accessories and equipment. It facilitates effortless personalization and systemization of gear, ensuring ease in positioning and retrieving items inside the storage box.

The Explore Glazing gullwing storage box is designed specifically for the Suzuki Jimny GJ (JB43), HJ or GLX-3 door, ensuring a perfect fit and functionality.

Product Features:

  • Weight: 3 kg.
  • Material: 2 mm black powder-coated aluminum (RAL9005).
  • Assembly: Fully compatible with the Explore Glazing gullwing window, no further modifications to the bodywork required.
  • Adjustable depth from 140 to 240 mm.
  • Simple installation.



  • The dimensions of the storage box are a perfect match for the Explore Glazing gullwing windows of the Suzuki Jimny GJ (JB74), HJ, and GLX 3-door models.
  • No modifications to the bodywork are required.
  • Easy and quick assembly.

Required Mounting Set:

For the assembly of the storage box, a specialized mounting set is necessary, which includes a 4.2 drill, 5.0 drill, M5 tap, and a pin-in torx bit. While this mounting set is not included, it is provided as a standard offering when you seek a quote, guaranteeing you have all the essential tools for a seamless and efficient installation.

If the Explore Glazing gullwing window hasn't been installed in your Jimny yet, we recommend pre-assembling the Expedition box on the new window first.

Add-on: gullwing storage box

Price €215,-

On which side of the car is the placement?

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