Gullwing window full aluminium version

Make accessing the cargo area of your Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 a breeze with Explore Glazing's convenient gullwing window full aluminium version.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 905mm
Height: 365mm

Suitable for
  • Land Rover - Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 3-door
Other information

Article number: EXA-DEF-HT110

Explore Glazing Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 gullwing window aluminium
Explore Glazing Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 gullwing window aluminium

Gullwing window full aluminium version

There are several benefits to using a gullwing window on your Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110:

  1. Easy access to the cargo space:
    A gullwing window provides effortless access to the vehicle's cargo area. By opening upwards, it allows you to reach your belongings without any obstructions from traditional tailgates or doors. This makes loading and unloading goods much easier and simplifies organizing the cargo space. It enables quick and efficient access to your items, enhancing your adventures.
  2. Improved airflow:
    While the gullwing window cannot be opened while driving, it still allows for improved airflow when the vehicle is stationary. This feature proves especially beneficial during hot days or when using the Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 for camping purposes. It helps maintain a fresh and well-ventilated cargo area, ensuring a comfortable experience.
  3. Aesthetic appeal:
    Adding a gullwing window gives your Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 a distinctive and eye-catching look, setting it apart from other vehicles. It enhances the rugged and adventurous appearance of your vehicle.
  4. Versatility:
    A gullwing window allows you to utilize the cargo area of your Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 in various ways. It can serve as a practical workspace, a comfortable sleeping area during camping, or simply a convenient spot to store your belongings.
  5. Convenience:
    The gullwing window offers convenience for adventurers and travelers who want to optimize their vehicle for different purposes. It provides easy access to necessary items and streamlines your overall experience.

The dimensions of the existing side windows of the Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110 may vary depending on the specific model and year of manufacture. The most commonly used dimension corresponds to the rear window of a Land Rover Defender 130, with an aperture size of 905 x 365 mm (width x height). The gullwing and sliding windows from Explore Glazing are available in these dimensions.

Product Features:

  • Reliable sealing: The gullwing window features an aluminum plate that is equipped with sturdy gas springs and lockable compression latches. This combination ensures a secure and perfect seal, protecting the contents of your Land Rover Defender's cargo area.
  • Durable powder coating: Both the frame and hinged part of the gullwing window are meticulously finished with a high-quality black industrial powder coating (RAL 9005). This coating not only enhances the window's aesthetic appeal but also provides exceptional resistance to discoloration caused by various weather conditions.
  • Convenient installation: We prioritize your convenience, which is why we deliver the gullwing window fully pre-assembled and ready for installation. With this hassle-free setup, you can quickly and easily install the gullwing window onto your Land Rover Defender, saving you time and effort.

The gullwing window can be expanded with the drop down table Explore Overlander Light.



  • The dimensions of the window fully correspond to the original window of your Land Rover Defender Hardtop 110.
  • No adjustments to the bodywork are necessary, which means that the original window can easily be replaced.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.

The gullwing window is mounted with M4*16 stainless steel mounting screws and sealed with adhesive.

For an additional charge, the stainless steel mounting screws can be supplied black powder coated. This option is offered to you as standard.

A mounting set will be offered with your request and consists of:

  • drill 4.2 mm
  • cartridge of Dowsil 791 Silicone Weatherproofing
  • brush
  • rubber to remove the excess sealant

It is important that the Explore Glazing products are assembled correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products assembled by a professional company.

Gullwing window full aluminium version

Price starts from €508.20 (incl. 21% VAT)

On which side of the car is the placement?


What do others say about Explore Glazing

Lars Nyström Lars Nyström
7 months ago
Great product, super service and a smooth shipping! My LR Defender got a real facelift after a straight forward installation of new sliding windows + guards. I highly recommend Explore Glazing an their products!
Shane Doolin Shane Doolin
a month ago
Quoted for 2 Defender 110 windows(a gull wing and half drop down), overland drop down guard, aircraft rails and table and security screen. Purchased all after quick customer support and answering of specific questions and now (with basic experience) have removed and fitted all the upgrades to my Defender. Highest of quality with ALL the necessary specialised tools included eg. high vibration silicone and even the tapping drill. I cant recommend them enough!
Christian Fluri Christian Fluri
8 months ago
Super products and always a very quick response. From the request to the product arrives at home in less than a week. Netherlands to switzerland. Perfect, and great service
Juan Jose Coto Juan Jose Coto
5 months ago
I bought 2 sliding windows for my Suzuki Jimny JB74. The process to order and attention was perfect and it's a easy process. The shipment was fast and everything came good, without any damage.

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