Add-on: internal Molle-system for the tail door halfdrop window

Take your Land Rover Defender's tail door halfdrop window to the next level with Explore Glazing's internal Molle-system. Enjoy enhanced organization and maximize your storage capabilities.


Width: 690mm
Height: 430mm

Suitable for
  • Land Rover - Land Rover Defender 90 - 110
  • Land Rover - Land Rover Defender Hard Top 110 3-door
Other information

Article number: MOL-HD-TAIL

Explore Glazing Land Rover Defender molle system halfdrop window taildoor
Explore Glazing Land Rover Defender molle system halfdrop window taildoor

Add-on: internal Molle-system for the tail door halfdrop window

The tail door halfdrop window for Land Rover Defender features a Molle panel that is mounted onto the window, allowing easy access to the locks. This design maximizes the window space for attaching bags or pouches using the well-known PALS webbing system, while allowing smooth opening and closing of the window.

No permanent holes are made in the tail door, ensuring that it can always be returned to its original state if desired.

The internal Molle panel is made of 3 mm thick aluminum, with a matching industrial powder coating as the window. It is equipped with the PALS webbing pattern and has ø 4.2 mm holes between the pattern, allowing compatibility with other systems such as Quick Fist.

This versatile system also serves as burglary protection due to its smart mounting design.


Mounting screws (stainless steel), cover caps and washers are included.

The required mounting set consists of the following components:

  • 4.2 mm drill
  • 5.0 mm drill
  • M5 tap
  • Tamper-resistant Torx bit

The mounting set is included as a standard with your quotation request.

For detailed installation instructions, please download our installation guide.

Add-on: internal Molle-system for the tail door halfdrop window

Price starts from €151.25 (incl. 21% VAT)


What do others say about Explore Glazing

Lars Nyström Lars Nyström
9 months ago
Great product, super service and a smooth shipping! My LR Defender got a real facelift after a straight forward installation of new sliding windows + guards. I highly recommend Explore Glazing an their products!
Shane Doolin Shane Doolin
4 months ago
Quoted for 2 Defender 110 windows(a gull wing and half drop down), overland drop down guard, aircraft rails and table and security screen. Purchased all after quick customer support and answering of specific questions and now (with basic experience) have removed and fitted all the upgrades to my Defender. Highest of quality with ALL the necessary specialised tools included eg. high vibration silicone and even the tapping drill. I cant recommend them enough!
Luis Velando Luis Velando
2 months ago
I ordered 2 gullwindows. The first shipment one was broken. I contacted the company and the response was great, they send me a new one. I'm a happy customer. Great customer service.
Christian Fluri Christian Fluri
10 months ago
Super products and always a very quick response. From the request to the product arrives at home in less than a week. Netherlands to switzerland. Perfect, and great service

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