Gullwing window glass version

Use the expedition window – also known as ‘gullwing’ - for a quick and easy access to the loading space of your vehicle.

On which side of the car is the placement?

Width: 816mm
Height: 371mm

Suitable for
  • Lada - Lada Niva - 3 door
Other information

Article number: EXG-LADA

Explore Glazing Lada gullwing window glass

Gullwing window glass version

This window has the same dimensions as the original side windows and can be installed quickly and easily.

A tempered glass plate, equipped with two robust gas springs and two lockable compression latches, ensures a perfect seal. The aluminium window frame is finished with a black, high-quality industrial powder coating (RAL 9005) and is therefore insensitive to discoloration due to weather influences.

The gullwing is completely pre-assembled and ready to be installed!

The 5 mm tempered safety glass plate, with ECE 43R and DOT certification, is available in privacy grey, light transmission 20% (tinted 80%).

The windows are available for the left and right side and not interchangeable.

The expedition window can be expanded with a window guard or an Explore Overlander Light.




  • The dimensions of the windows fully correspond to the original side window glasses.
  • No adjustments to the bodywork are necessary, so that the original side window glasses can be replaced if necessary.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.

Both the sliding windows and the gullwings are mounted in the original window rubber.

It is important that the Explore Glazing products are assembled correctly and safely. Careless assembly can lead to accidents and serious damage and / or injury to you or others. If you have no technical experience or are not familiar with the general assembly instructions, we recommend that you have our products assembled by a skilled company.

Check out our Youtube channel for installation videos or download our installation guide: 


Gullwing window glass version

Price €385,-

On which side of the car is the placement?

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